Knew Concept Saws

Tamizan is the UK’s independent distributor of these fabulous saws. Check them out at

She’s the UK distibutor for their Titanium strips to make soldering clamps  (currently out of stock)

Try Andrew Berry instead (click here for link)

If you are not registered for VAT, this is usually the cheapest source of these saws in the UK, compare prices. If however you are VAT registered, check here at Sutton Tools  or Cooksongold , sometimes there are freepost deals.

3″ frame, screw tension        £45.00           5″ frame, screw tension  £48.00
5″ frame with lever tension  £68.00           8″ frame, screw tension  £55.00          p & p £3.50 each

OUT OF STOCK : Titanium strips for soldering clamps
Pack of 10 : £19.50, pack of 5 : £10.00, plus £1.00 p&p

To order; email   with your postal address, and specify your order (5 /10 strips or size of saw).    I am not a large retailer and will send your order as soon as possible. Don’t expect automatic responses like the large stores though!
I also keep a stock of spares on behalf of my friend Lee Marshall, the inventor & maker of these excellent piercing saws. Due to a massive Customs charge prices have increased slightly from 8th May 2016.

Titanium strips to make your own soldering clamps: 100m x 4mm, can be cut with a piercing saw & shaped to suit your task. Long lasting and very useful. Goldsmith Jim Miller shows how:
soldering clamps